How I created the Mommy Brobe - And what keeps me going today.

Posted on 14 August 2015

I had the idea to build a bra inside a robe for nursing and news moms many years ago after having my first daughter.

I was already pretty busty, but being pregnant and having a baby made me go from "busty" to "oh my gosh, what do I do with these things?" Not only couldn’t I find anything to wear, I definitely couldn’t find anything I felt good in. Everything I found was made of awful fabric, very unflattering or didn't support me at all. Even nursing gowns and tanks didn't hold these girls up. I was so self-conscious about my body (let’s be honest, still am and probably will always be). 

I can remember being in the hospital 13 years ago with my husband and all of my family, his family and our friends coming in and out of the room to see the baby and me. I had been in labor for 8+ hours until they finally did an emergency C-section. I was sore, super tired and felt like "Elsie The Cow."

The oh-so-pretty hospital gown they gave me only made things worse. I was so hot (sweaty hot, not the good “hot”) with one boob trying to nurse and the other under an armpit. I didn't want any pictures taken and, honestly, just wanted everyone to get out so I could towel off. 

With my second daughter, repeat the same story, just 9 years later. I had already created the Recovery Brobe for breast cancer and reconstruction recovery, but had not designed the Mommy Brobe yet. I wasn't planning on launching my second product until 2014. However, as I was having to push my second baby around the hallway (they make you walk after C-sections) with others husbands, moms and families walking around too, I hit an uncomfortable limit and decided to push the launch date to late January 2013. I knew other women had to be feeling the same way!

After launching the Mommy Brobe, the response has been incredible. Women write to me with the same self-conscious complaints about hospital stays, family visits, sweaty boobs and more.

It's important not to forget about mom. For 9 months, our bodies create a HUMAN! Our feet get swollen, hips get bigger, memory gets fuzzy and our boobs become huge! And the aftermath of giving birth is just as emotional as the entire process. Yes, it is a beautiful time, but us women still need to feel comfortable AND beautiful.

The Mommy Brobe provides a supportive nursing bra with an extra wide band, and hook and eye front closure (read: no sweaty, droopy milkmaids). It’s luxurious, and hides all the dimples and imperfections we all should be proud of.

When people ask me what is the best part of designing the Mommy Brobe or what gets me up and to work everyday (even with a toddler at home and being pregnant again!), I tell them it’s the other moms I am able to help feel more comfortable when they need it most (moms like I was!):

Mommy Brobe"I use my Brobe ALL the time. True confession... I have slept in it quite a bit. Not like quick naps, more like ‘There's no way I'm walking over there to put on jammies!’”

"The Mommy Brobe gave me such comfort while nursing my baby in the hospital. I didn't feel like I was wearing a medical gown and it made me feel better about me." 

"My Friend Angela gave me the Mommy Brobe as a shower gift. Oh My!!! This is a must-have for every new mom. It's soft, comfortable, and has all the perfect features. Thank you!"

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