7 New Mommy Essentials - Our Postpartum Must Haves

7 New Mommy Essentials - Our Postpartum Must Haves
The transition from pregnancy to new mom is no walk in the park. There is so much going on with your postpartum body, from hormones to leaking from all kinds of places, to sleep deprivation to overwhelming joy of your new perfect little one. We’ve compiled our list of helpful postpartum items for the new mom as she recovers from one of the biggest events of her life.
  1. The Mommy Brobe - For your hospital or birth center recovery and recovery at home offering support and comfort. This super soft robe and nursing bra-in-one is perfect for a new mom pre and post birth.
  2. Brobe Ice Gel Pack - Reducing pain after surgery is essential to comfortable and quick healing. Brobe offers gel ice packs that fit perfectly inside the pockets of the Mommy Bra to help reduce pain and swelling.
  3. Rael 100% Organic Cotton Menstrual Overnight Pads – thin, comfortable and discreet, but also really absorbant. Plus, since they are organic cotton you won’t have to worry about what chemicals your exposing your healing perineum to.
  4. Earth Mama’s Natural Nipple Butter - for breastfeeding moms, moisturizes nipples and dry skin with a smooth and soothing plant based blend. For mama and baby, no need to wash it off before nursing!
  5. Water Bottle - Both while breastfeeding and recovering, your body needs water now more than ever. Keeping tracking of your water intake with an app and having a bottle always handy is so important.
  6. Belly Binder - for postpartum a binder can help speed up the healing process by helping to ease the transition of the uterus by shrinking it down to its normal size. Also offers support for your lower back, holds tummy in, redefines the waistline, and relieves back pain.
  7. Postnatal Vitamins & Probiotics - Don’t stop your supplement intake now. If you’re breastfeeding or not your body will be more vulnerable to deficiencies.

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