The Mommy Brobe. So, it really is as awesome as they say...

The Mommy Brobe. So, it really is as awesome as they say...

Allison Schickel, Mommy Brobe

Two weeks ago, I had my third child and first son, Evan Winston Schickel. I have two daughters, Mackenzie (13) and Monya (4). When I had both of my girls, I didn't have the Mommy Brobe. I hadn't even created the company, much less have this product on the market.

But after having my girls, I knew I wanted something comfortable and cute to wear when visitors came to visit in the hospital and at home, but never could find anything that actually supported me (and the "girls!"). 

In 2013, I launched the Mommy Brobe with the hope and anticipation that it would be a big hit like the Recovery Brobe. But you really don't know what to expect until the product gets in the hands of the customer.

After some selling, I started getting feedback. New moms would send pictures and letters telling me how much they LOVED their Mommy Brobe. They said it was so comfy and one of the best baby shower gifts they received. I would listen to how they wouldn't get out of the Brobe and were basically living in it after birth!

Of course, I always love hearing from satisfied customers. But until now, I was never able to personally understand what these women shared with me. My Brand New Mommy Days had been on hold.

But with Evan's birth, I truly understand why these women are loving this product. I've worn my Mommy Brobe every. single. day. No Joke!

It's easy to wear, the bra is supportive and really very comfortable. I sleep in my Brobe, nurse my baby in my Brobe, even work-from-home in it! Plus, I can feel somewhat cute when people come over (sometimes unannounced) to visit the newest little Schickel peanut.

I am thrilled to be able to actually use and testify to future customers about how great and functional the Mommy Brobe is. And I am also so proud of the product it has become and so happy to help other new and new-again moms through those first few days with baby.

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