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New Brobe Bundles for Recovery Patients

New Brobe Bundles for Recovery Patients

When you have a friend who will soon be walking the road to recovery, we know that you want to help. Sometimes it's hard to know exactly what to say or do, to ease the "elephant in the room." That's why we've done the leg work for you. We created a variety of gift sets, specialized for different medical conditions and situations, ranging from menopause to extended hospital stays. 

It's important to note that the most jarring adjustments we have to make while in recovery often happen during the most routine activities: showering, riding in the car, raising your arms, trying to get comfortable in bed. Never underestimate the value of tiny comforts that a simple accessory can offer.

Below you will find our five favorite bundles that your loved one will appreciate.

Essential Breast Surgery Recovery Gift Set

Recovery Brobe gift set

The Essential Breast Surgery Recovery Gift Set includes everything you need when recovering from a mastectomy, breast reconstruction, breast augmentation, or breast implant removal surgery.

Includes: JP Shower Belt, Thermal Comfort Pillow, Ice Packs (2), Post-Op Bra


Ultimate Surgery Recovery Gift Set

Recovery Brobe gift set

Ultimate Surgery Recovery Gift Set was designed specifically for breast surgery, but is also great for major surgeries where post-operative recovery includes a period with Jackson-Pratt Drains. 

Includes: Everything in the Essential Breast Surgery Recovery Gift Set (Shower Belt, Thermal Comfort Pillow, Ice Packs (2), Post-Op Bra, Cooling Neck Wrap) plus Recovery Brobe & Brobe Joggers

Surgical Recovery Ensemble

(Available in Obsidian Black, Magenta Berry or Cerulean Blue)

Recovery Brobe with pants


The Brobe Recovery Ensemble is PERFECT  for hospital stays and post-operative recovery, Recovery Brobe pockets can be used for postoperative fluid drains or to conveniently carry around and keep essential medications on-hand. Includes: Recovery Brobe & Brobe Joggers


Thermal Therapy (aka Classic Cool) Gift Set

Brobe cooling wrap and gift set

This bundle was created for anyone who appreciates the benefits of hot or cold therapy, but it's also fantastic for relieving hot flashes while coping with menopause, or menopausal symptoms that occur in tandem with breast surgery or hysterectomy.

Includes: Cooling Neck Wrap, Thermal Comfort Pillow, and Brobe Ice Pack


Deluxe Comfort Gift Set

Brobe drain belt gift set

Deluxe Comfort Gift Set: Includes Cooling Neck Wrap, Shower Belt, Thermal Comfort Pillow, two (2) Ice Packs


Give her something that matters, because she matters.

Those are our top five bundles for surgical recovery! We've also created a little booklet called "Recover Beautifully: A Comprehensive Guide to Recovery." especially relevant for breast cancer patients, but useful for most surgical procedures.

If there's anything else you're looking for, please feel free to browse our selection of recovery products or get in touch!

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