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Brobe: The ORIGINAL Surgery Recovery Robe

When you go through a major surgery, you have one thing on your mind: healing. But the road to recovery isn’t always smooth. It’s oftentimes filled with challenges and obstacles that may make the road seem long and difficult. 

At Brobe, we want to make that journey just a little bit easier. Since our humble beginnings creating the original recovery robe, we’ve only had one goal— help others heal comfortably and in style.

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How Breast Reconstruction Works with a Tissue Expander
After a mastectomy, many women opt to undergo reconstructive surgery to restore the breast to a normal shape, symmetry, and size. Generally speaking, there are two categories of reconstruction: flap reconstruction or implant-based reconstruction. With implant-based reconstruction, breast implants will be used to form the new breast mound(s). We’re here to break down the basics of tissue expanders and what you can expect during the implant reconstruction process. 
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Lumpectomy vs. Mastectomy: What's the Difference?
When you receive a breast cancer diagnosis, your doctor will likely present you with several treatment options like chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, or any combination of the three. In some cases, a doctor will strongly recommend one option over another due to the nature of the cancer. In other situations, you will be left to decide. One choice you may face will be whether to undergo a mastectomy or lumpectomy. 
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7 Breast Surgery Recovery Tips
Whether you’re having a mastectomy, lumpectomy, reconstruction, augmentation, or explant surgery, going under the knife can be a scary process. But one of the hardest parts of any breast surgery is the weeks after that you’ll spend in recovery. Not...
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