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Breast Cancer Survivors share stories of help and hope to Amy Robach with ABC
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Last month ABC news anchor Amy Robach went on Good Morning America to announce that she has breast cancer. Amy went in for a double mastectomy on November 15th. As soon as I heard the news along with the rest of America, I decided to use these great resources and inspiring women who have come into my life to try and help not only Amy but other newly diagnosed as well. Over the past 2 weeks I gathered some advice, inspirational quotes, and words of encouragement to send to Amy along with a care package and a big ol' Texas sized card signed by the women at the 2013 Texas Conference for women. (including the lovely Rachael Ray) Here are a few tidbits that local survivors sent to Amy in the care package along with their pictures below.  Maybe some of these words might help you or your loved one as well. 
Image collage of cancer recovery patients

"Take this time for yourself to heal, to gain inner strength.  You did not choose this time, but God has given it to you. Know that you have joined a strong group of courageous and humble women.  Stay strong!  My motto:
We are not here to wait for the storm to pass
But to learn to dance in the rain.
Dance, dance dance!!!" ~Lisa Youngblood


"Make this journey meaningful and power through it like you've never powered through before in your life. You will find strength within yourself that you never dreamed of having! I can promise you that all future endeavors will be a piece of cake once you're on the other side. Cancer made me tougher, smarter, and gave me that priceless gift of realizing what's really TRULY important in this life. Embrace your journey with fierceness and see it for what it can be - an opportunity TO SHOW YOURSELF what you are made of!! True grit!"Elizabeth McDowell


I realized that I could not afford anything but setting a goal.  A goal to live and creating the process, doctors appointments scedules helped me pull through. And when Chemo Blues hit I set yet another goal and determined that I wanted to stay strong enough to race a bicycle race just 15 days after my last chemo." ~ Julia Hix

If you are left alone after surgery, have someone move all the plates, cups,and bowls to counter level so you don't have to reach for anything" ~ Kathy Clark


Let's hope Amy as well as countless other women battling breast cancer can find some comfort knowing they are not alone. 

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