Know Your Worth

Once You Know Your Worth, Know One Can Make You Feel Worthless


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I have 2 daughters. 11yrs and 2yrs. (Yes, I know it's a big gap, life happens) So basically one is hormonal and the other is in the "terrible two's," It's a little bit of crazy town at my house these days. Everyones crying or screaming or throwing things. Im starting tho think my husband is picking up extra shifts just so he doesn't have to be here with a bunch of whiney girls. Seriously.

My 11 year old is definantly in an certain stage right now. On a daily basis we are arguing about appropriate clothes, hygiene and the constant rolling of the eyes. You moms of girls know what Im talking about. I don't understand how she thinks it's ok to walk out of the house when it's 28 degrees in a tank top, skinny jeans and flip flops with wet hair I might add and probably no deodorant. What about this outfit says warm? Her excuse," Im only going to be outside for like a second."  My husband Matt and I try on a regular basis to explain to her the importance of "knowing your worth" and to really make sure she understands what that means. I personally think when we have these conversations with her she is actually looking at us but sleeping with her eyes open because we get zero reaction from her. Just. blank. stares. 

Its the beginning of the new year and everyone is making transformations (which I talked about last month) and New Year resolutions. I don't like resolutions. If make one and don't keep up with it I feel like a failure and that is the last way I want to feel these days. I think if people want to make a change they need to "know their worth." and do something for them that will stick. Re-Invent themselves. I came across this video and wanted to share it with you. I guess this could also be categorized as transformation but to me, this girl is reinventing who she is, inside and out.



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