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                                    Starting from Scratch: Building a Business from a Simple Idea


Starting From Nothing



It's been a while since my last blog post. I actually was thinking I should just erase them all and start a new. I need to talk about things I actually know about, I wasn't doing that. What I was doing was spending way to much time figuring out how to make a simple blog interesting for others to read and yet I still only have 2 followers so..... I guess you could say this is now my beginning. With that being said, Im going to tell you about this business, from the beginning. This is my diary so it shouldn't be to hard to find the time to keep up with the writings and let you know The low down and dirty of what is it really like being a one man band, a one woman show or as most people call it a solo-mom-prenuer. Oh yea, one last thing. I can't promise my grammar will always be correct, there won't be a few run on sentences and the occasional four letter word. It all is depending on how my day is at that time. Judge if you want, it doesn't bother me.

I had the idea for the Brobe when I was working as a cosmetic manager at Nordstrom in Ft. Worth in 2004 Across from the cosmetic department was the hosiery department. On slow days I would always watch the documentary on Sarah Blakley, the inventor of spanx that they would play over and over in the hosiery department. I can vividly remember thinking" ahhh I should totally invent something" (in my 24 year old naive body.) Sarah said a few key things that for over 10 years stuck with me and still do to this day. She said if you have an idea 1. Keep it to your self until you are ready to sell it. 2. If you would wear your idea, chances are others will too. 3. Name it something funny, people remember funny.

Not long after watching that documentary was when I had the idea for a bra built inside a robe.At the time, I was not only working at Nordstrom, I was also a part time admin assistant, part time daycare "teacher" and I think for a very short amount of time while working all these jobs I was a server at On The Boarder. Every morning, I would get ready in my robe and have to find a sports bra to put on so I wouldn't have to deal with "Boob Sweat"(You ladies know what I'm talking about) However, I was really broke so I think I only had one sports bra and If i couldn't find it I was out of luck. I hated "boob sweat", still do. I  remember having this thought in my tiny bathroom, "why won't someone build a bra inside a robe? That would make my day so much easier."

I spent the next 5 years looking for a garment like this and ya know what, I never could find it. Every time I went shopping I would ask the sales people if they had anything, pajamas, robes, whatever with a support system. Anything other than those damn tank tops that don't cover my boobs, the elastic comes to the nipple line and they are definitely not supportive! Everytime I see a cute cotton nighty that has triangles as the "support" I think about how much I would love to wear that but no way would a real woman's boobs fit in that. OR If I see cute pajama bottoms with a sexy/sporty tank top all I think when I see that is "Im gonna have to put a bra on."Am I the ONLY woman who thinks that? So back to the sales people.... Every time I would ask them about a built in support  the sales people always said basically the same thing and it was "no, but your like the 1000th person who has asked for something like this."  Huh. I guess I'm not the only woman who sees flaws in our garment/sizing/real woman clothing industry. 


And thats how it all began.....


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