Warrior of the Week Series | BCAM 2015

Every Wednesday during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, check our blog for a new "Warrior of the Week" post, where I will be highlighting a very special woman who has touched me in her own fight against breast cancer.

- Allison      


This month, you will be inundated with PINK.Warrior of the Week logo

On one hand, it's wonderful that the general population is growing more aware of the increasing number of both women and men who are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the United States.

However, what I've learned since starting the Brobe (and what I believe most people are still not aware of), is the many different kinds of breast cancer and how each one comes with emotional and physical pain - not just to the patient, but to co-survivors as well. 

This series is meant to celebrate all of the amazing, strong Warrior Women facing this struggle every day. It will introduce you to four of these Warriors whom I have met in the past five years. Each Warrior on will give you a different perspective on breast cancer, as they have me.

It's not just about buying something that is pink, ya'll. Breast Cancer Awareness is about educating women and men on self examinations, regular mammograms and who to donate our money to for actual research in fighting this disease.

Meeting women like these Warriors, hearing their stories, learning from them, and discovering their will to keep fighting, educating and empowering women is what keeps me going as a woman and small business owner.

When starting this "little business," never in a million years did I think I would gain so much more than selling a product. And to these Warriors, I will be forever grateful.

Please take this month - and the many more following - to read, share and keep educating others about breast cancer. 

 Do you have your own story? Can your experience or advice help another women with breast cancer? Please share it with us! We're happy to give a shower belt to the women whose stories we share with others. 

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