Warrior of the Week: Eden Lackey

Over the past few years, I have met some extraordinary women. Some by chance and some I have reached out to because their story touched me. Eden is one of these women.

 I met Eden in 2013 when she volunteered to be a model in the "Project Pink" benefit I sponsored for Susan G Komen of Austin. I didn't really get to know her or her story until about a year later when we both enjoyed a smoothie at our gym. 

Breast cancer survivor

There are many reasons I included Eden in our "Warrior of the Week" blog series, but the main reason is her passion.

Eden exudes passion in just about everything she does. She is a survivor and takes life by the balls, hanging on for the ride. She travels, she paints (really well, by the way), she's a volunteer, a work out badass, an advocate for a healthy lifestyle, and a genuinely good human being.

Although Eden truly is all of these things, I think what really makes her special is her passion for helping others. Almost every time I see her posts on Facebook, she is talking about how she is standing beside one of her "sisters" in their own fight. She always makes time to help someone who going through chemo or in the hospital. She attends her sister's benefits to show support. You name it, she is there!

I know Eden has lost some very close friends to cancer and, in their honor and for her other sisters still fighting, she continues to bring awareness, support and joy to everyone and everything around her. Now THAT'S a warrior.

"When you battle cancer, most people go through chemo, radiation, multiple surgeries and medications, and insane, crazy side effects that can affect you mentally and physically. We have memory loss from the chemo and drugs. We have physical scars and loss of certain body parts. We lose our hair and our minds! I affectionately embrace my mind as a beautiful mess. My mutilated body I once thought was ugly and not acceptable in our society is now an awesome piece of abstract art. My body is the canvas, my surgeons are the artists and my scars are the beautiful masterpiece."

- Eden on Art Therapy, 2015 

Eden, we celebrate you and all you bring to the people and world around you. Thank you for being such an amazing warrior!

xoxo, Allison

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