How CareHood helps patients and caregivers answer, "How can I help?"

The following is a guest blog by CareHood.

“How can I help?”

Four simple words can carry a lot of weight. Patients don’t always know what kind of daily support they need during challenging physical illnesses. And family and friends, willing to lend a helping hand, don’t always know how to help. The simple question “How can I help?” can actually become a nuisance to patients and overwhelmed caregivers.

CareHood is here to provide answers to this question. After one of her dearCareHood
friends was diagnosed with breast cancer, Co-Founder Marni started thinking about all the little things her friend might like while undergoing chemo: somebody to rub her feet, someone to pick up the kids, meal deliveries, rides to the hospital, acupuncture?This led to an idea. What if it were possible to create a service that serves both sides - the friend who is facing a health challenge and those who want to help – all at the same time? And with that, CareHood was founded.

We provide ideas for those facing challenging physical or emotional circumstances by matching a patient’s profile with gifts and services that meet their day-to-day needs. Our recommendations come from extensive research with breast cancer and ovarian cancer patients and their medical teams. 

Patients are able to easily create lists of gifts, services, tasks, and errands tailored to their needs. Friends and family near and far can get involved without any uncertainty as to what would best help their loved one. CareHood makes community-building painless, so patients and caregivers can focus on the thing that matters most: recovery.

We want to help patients, caregivers, family and friends build a community of care around the patient that’s centered on his or her needs. And most of all, we want to make the caregiving process, may it be a part- or full-time job, easier and smoother, because it’s one of the toughest and most important jobs a person will ever have. 

Patients and their caregivers can open a CareHood today at It’s completely free to join.

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