Tory Burch Foundation Summit <> Brobe International

Tory Burch Foundation Summit <> Brobe International
Earlier this month, Brobe International CEO Allison Schickel, had the honor of being invited to the Tory Burch Embrace Ambition Summit in NYC.  The day was filled with incredible speakers from Marie Wilson who started Bring Your Daughter to Work day, Katie Couric, Lindsey Vaughn, Margaret Atwood author of Handmaids Tale, senators, celebrities, kid activists, and musicians.


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Allison says “ it was wonderful to be a part of such a diverse and empowering group of men and women to discuss stereotypes, gender equality, and women in business. I was grateful to be among so many leaders and re-connect with the Tory Burch Foundation as they have helped so much over the past 12 months in propelling Brobe’s success."


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More About the Embrace Ambition Summit
The Embrace Ambition Summit is an annual event hosted by the Tory Birch Foundation. Their mission is to offer intimate events to game-changing leaders, to challenge unconscious biases and to empower women. The Tory Birch Foundation highlighted the Top 10 Moments of the 2018 summit here.


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