Wednesday Warrior - Sandi

Our "Wednesday Warrior" series is back for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2016!

The women you will read about have battled breast cancer. Each woman is eager to share her story with others in hopes of helping someone else through their journey.

"The best advice I got from anyone is that each journey is your own. You can't get anxious about other people's stories because we each have our own pain tolerance [and] desires when it comes to personal decisions. The Brobe was such an awesome robe because although my pain was minimal, the material was so comfortable and the pockets were at the right spot for the drain tubes to not 'pull' on my skin.

My motivation 100% came from my faith in God. This situation was an expected one for me as I recently found out I was positive for the BRCA 2 mutation. My mother and husband were my rocks during hard days and my ears during appointments when I was still emotionally charged. 

I absolutely loved my Brobe during my recent double mascectomy! I wore it even more after my initial reconstruction surgery! The material was so very comfortable and the pockets for the drains were at the right place, so the drains didn't pull at my skin. I am so thankful I found that robe before this journey began. I literally wore it for days on end!"

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