The Superhero Robe for Kids


The Superhero Robe is for children going through surgery/treatments. Just like the Recovery Brobe for women, these amazing robes have pockets to hold JP Drains and monitors, plus openings in the sleeves to accommodate IVs. 

Why make a robe for kids?

The NEW Child's Robe was inspired by stories of parents going through this very hard time with their young children. 

This robe empowers parents to help their children feel like the Superheroes they really are.

Created by Brobe founder Allison Schickel, this robe will soon be available for thousands of precious children to give them Super Powers to stay strong and heal.

Meet Elliott

Elliott's journey, which is similar to so many others, helped inspire the Superhero Robe for Kids. You can follow Elliott's journey on Facebook: 

This week we had the pleasure of meeting with a beautiful group of women (and pups) with the purest hearts! Allison is...

Posted by Praise Like Elliott on Sunday, June 28, 2020

Giving Back

Brobe will donate a portion of profits to a charity to support further research and the discovery of a cure for childhood cancer. We are honored to have the opportunity to support you and your children in the and in the long run. We're all in this battle together.  ♥︎