Whether your loved one is planning to undergo a mastectomy, tummy tuck, open heart surgery, or another procedure that requires JP drains, the Recovery Robe is the perfect gift to help any person feel confident and comfortable as they heal. Thoughtfully created and stylishly designed, the Recovery Robe brings comfort, function, and grace to recovery.

Recovery Brobe


Where Function Meets Comfort  

Hidden pockets for postoperative fluid drains
Detachable bra with front velcro closure for easy wear
Bra features pockets for use with The Brobe Ice Packs or prosthetics
Three-quarter length sleeves allow for easy IV access during treatment
Soft cotton blend fabric is incredibly comfortable yet stylish
Thoughtful design made from patient feedback

Don’t Take Our Word For It:

"My mother received so many compliments on her beautiful Brobe from nurses and doctors alike. Every drain-wearer NEEDS this to make those days after surgery more pleasant, bearable, and overall lovely. And just think of all the things she can carry in those pockets after her drains are removed! Fabulous product."   - Mary H.
“When I scheduled my surgery, my cousin, who is a nurse and lives in Austin, TX, called and asked my dress size and nothing else. A few days later and a week before surgery, I received a package. After opening, I just cried. This beautiful poppy red robe with a bra attached and secret little pockets for drains hidden inside! This was such a thoughtful gift. I felt like it was made just for ME! I'd never heard of the Recovery Brobe, but I knew right away how awesome it was, especially after shopping in department stores for something to wear in the hospital - with no luck.” - Candice M.
"I can not tell you how much I liked my Brobe. My husband purchased it for me at the gift shop in the Huntsville Hospital [in] Huntsville, Texas. I wore it home and to my doctor's office for my first visits. My doctor was also very impressed with it. He had no idea the gift shop had such a thing. He is now recommending it to his patients. I can not tell you how much I liked the Brobe and how many compliments I got on it. The thought put into it was a blessing, considering what we are going through as we come out of these surgeries. Thanks." - Pat