Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Recovery Brobe?

The Recovery Brobe is the FIRST bra + robe combination designed for post-operative recovery. It was originally designed for recovery from breast surgery but the unique specialized design functions are actually useful for many forms of recovery.

Two (2) Pockets on each side of the robe hold post-op drains and every Recovery Brobe includes a detachable, wire free, front closure bra with pockets inside the bra to hold ice packs and/or a prosthetic breasts.


Is the Shower Belt different from the Post-Operative Drain Belt?

The Shower Belt was designed to hold post-op drains while in the shower. The pockets are made of a light, wicking fabric that allows water to run freely while in the shower but dries quickly to wear under clothes. Because of this additional functionality, we rebranded the Shower Belt as the Post-Op Drain Belt.

This adjustable, elastic band features two drain pockets to offer a simple, yet very effective and useful accessory for post-operative drain management.


How does sizing work?

The Brobe's products are designed to be forgiving, comfortable and flexible. Click here to see the size chart and more information about Brobe sizing.


What if this is a gift?

We offer Premium Gift Wrapping for all Brobe items, you just need to select the Gift Wrap option when adding items to your cart. When you add the items to your cart, there is also an option to include a gift receipt or a note if you would like. To elect this option, just leave the text of your note in the box before you add it to the cart. If there are multiple items in your cart, we will include all items in one box so you only need to select the gift wrap option for one item


What other surgeries can the Brobe products be used for?

Brobe products are useful for a large variety of post-operative recovery situations, not just surgeries! BUT, other types of surgical recovery that are more comfortable with Brobe items include: plastic surgeries (tummy tuck, mommy make-over, breast reduction), lung transplants, kidney transplants, open heart surgeries, and various cancer surgeries.


Who can use the Brobe products?

The Recovery Brobe includes a detachable bra which makes it an ideal recovery item for adult women who are recovering from breast surgery. However, this item is easily converted for unisex use, by omitting the Recovery Bra. Actually, many men use the Brobe when recovering from procedures such as open heart surgery and organ transplants.

Aside from that specific item, virtually all other Brobe recovery items are completely unisex. The shower belt can be used by men, women, and children.


Will my health insurance pay for my Recovery Brobe or Shower Belt?

It is always best to check with your doctor and health insurance provider regarding reimbursable expenses. We are in the process of getting some items 


How long does shipping take?

We ship using FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Standard Shipping takes 5-7 business days unless you specify overnight shipping or 2-day shipping. For these expedited shipping scenarios, you will incur an extra charge.

Please note: any order placed after 12pm CST will go out the next business day. We do not ship over the weekend or holidays, so plan ahead! To learn more about our Shipping Policy, click here.


Do you ship outside the US?

We ship all over the world! In most cases, if you are shipping outside of the continental United States, shipping will likely exceed our standard shipping time frame. In some cases, orders may take more than a week to be delivered or there may be time in transit due to duties and tariffs. It may be a good idea to review our International Retailers to see if we have a local warehouse that can deliver your order faster.

Our inventory selection is more robust on our e-Commerce website if you do choose to place an international orders, we will provide a tracking number, so you will what to expect.  To learn more about our Shipping Policy, click here


What is your return policy?

You can return unworn, unwashed Brobe products for up to 30 days after purchase. There will be a $10 restocking fee. Unfortunately, for health reasons we cannot accept returns that have indications of wear. For more detailed information, please see our Return Policy page.

If for any reason, your return situation falls outside of our return policy you may return the item to us for donating to one of our partners. We always encourage you to save the shipping and to donate your Brobe to a local hospital or recovery center. 


Does the Recovery Bra include ice packs or do I have to purchase them separately?

The Brobe Gel Ice Packs are sold separately. These are made to fit perfectly in Recovery Bras that are sold separately, as well as for bras that come standard in our Recovery Brobes. We suggest buying at least two, so that you can use an ice pack in each side of the bra. Of course, you may use ice packs that you purchase elsewhere. 


How can I find out about new colors, promotions, etc.?

You can easily join our mailing list by clicking here or visit us on Facebook.


Q - I have a retail store. How can I start selling Brobe products in our store?

A - Please fill out the form and a representative will get in touch with you.


If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out via email to Thank you!