Men's Comfort Pillow

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Comfortable surgical pillow for men who’ve undergone a surgery related to Open Heart Surgery, organ transplant, cosmetic surgery or other cancer related surgeries. These pillows are designed for sore under arm and chest support.

  • Pocket holds Brobe Gel Ice Pack (extra ice packs sold separately)
  • Extra soft for gentle comfort
  • Ice Packs can be used cold from the freezer or warm after placed in hot water

Size: 12” x 17 | Care: Wash on gentle cycle, reform pillow and lay flat to dry

Some other items to consider if you are purchasing this bundle for post-operative recovery:

  • Hot/Cold Packs: Cold or Hot therapy packs fit perfectly into our Comfort Pillow to help reduce pain or swelling
  • Post-Operative Drain Belt (AKA The Shower Belt): Originally designed for wearing into the shower, but routinely worn under clothing for optimal comfort. Pockets are made from moisture-wicking fabric, to dry quickly.