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Men's Cool Comfort Bundle

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The Cool Comfort Bundle includes four of our best selling recovery accessories:

  • Comfort Pillow: Support for anyone who’ve undergone a major or minor surgery. These handmade pillows are designed for sore under arm and  support.
  • Cooling Wrap: Crystal polymer cooling technology, tiny beads inside the each pocket will absorb water and expand. Scarf becomes ICY COOL for instant relief. Heating/Cooling Instructions Here
  • Two (2) Gel Hot/Cold Packs: Fits inside the Comfort Pillow pocket.
  • Drain Belt:  Made to wear in the shower, this Belt is designed to hold up to 4 post-operative fluid drains while in recovery from a major surgery. Can also be worn throughout the day under clothing to support post-operative drains.

Some other items to consider if you are purchasing this bundle for post-operative recovery:

  • Healing Comfortably”: This 26-page guide is tailored to those going through breast surgery but the tips and insights are useful for most people walking the road to recovery.


    Are you buying this item as a gift? Make sure that you select "Gift Wrap" and we will include a handwritten note from you to your loved one.

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