The Brobe is therapy in a robe.

Our patented, innovative recovery robe, The Brobe, has helped thousands of women face breast cancer recovery with confidence. We believe it’s our responsibility to use our knowledge and experience to empower survivors and assist anyone who needs extra comfort and support post-surgery.

Our post-surgical garments include mastectomy recovery robes, Jackson Pratt drain belts, comfort accessories, and cold therapy products. Whether you’re recovering from breast surgery or other invasive procedures, our post-surgical adaptive clothing can help you recuperate in comfort and peace. 

The Brobe

The Brobe is a patented bra and robe combination that is designed for women going through a mastectomy, breast reconstruction, or breast augmentation. It's also beneficial to those recovering from organ transplants, open heart surgery, and tummy tucks. 

The Bundles

Find the perfect combination for you or a loved one! We offer a variety of bundles and gift sets for mastectomy reconstruction, breast cancer, mastectomy gifts, surgery and extended hospital stays. A portion of our new Livestrong bundle will go back to the Livestrong Foundation.