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Allison Schickel - Creator of The Brobe Mastectomy Recovery Robe

From Allison Schickel, Founder & CEO of the Brobe  

Several years ago, one of my friends underwent a double mastectomy and three reconstructive surgeries after recovering from breast cancer. She shared with me the difficulties of finding a post-operative garment that was functional, comfortable, and feminine. When she showed me the “gown”’ she was given to wear after her surgery in the hospital, I was shocked. Women fighting breast cancer should feel empowered to live beautifully during an otherwise traumatic time. 

That’s how the Recovery Brobe was born in 2012. 

After researching what was available to women in recovery and learning the choices were less than impressive, I contacted a local tailor. She and I worked together to design a pattern and sew prototypes of the Brobe. This special garment includes a built-in bra that fastens with Velcro and contains pockets specifically designed for a prosthetic breast and/or ice packs. This is the first garment on the market that also includes hidden pockets to hold the post-operative drains.

A notable breast cancer NPO exhibited the Recovery Brobe prototype to a group of women who had undergone single mastectomies. As one woman tried the Recovery Brobe on, tears welled up in her eyes. At that moment, I knew we had to launch the Brobe into production and distribution.

Shortly afterward, a new group of women raised their voices. Nursing mothers expressed their desire for a functional and comfortable robe to wear while nursing their newborns in the hospital and at home. As a result, we launched the Mommy Brobe in 2013. Designed with a detachable bra and luxurious fabric, the Mommy Brobe also captures the essence of our mission: Empowering women by giving them the strength to live beautifully. 

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