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The Brobe is a bra and robe combination that is designed specifically for women going through a mastectomy, breast reconstruction, or breast augmentation. It's also beneficial to those recovering from organ transplants, open heart surgery, and tummy tucks. 

Recovery Brobe

Our signature product designed to help patients heal comfortably

Post Op Drain Belt

A one size fits all elastic belt that patients can wear under their hospital gown

Comfort Pillow

A super soft, machine washable pillow that has a built in pocket to hold one of the Brobe Cold/Hot Packs

Post Surgical Bra

The same bra that comes built-in to our Recovery Robe, with interior pockets to hold a Brobe Cold/Hot Pack

Our Signature Product

The Brobe Recovery Robe is our signature product designed to help patients heal comfortably after breast surgery, or any surgery that requires post-op drains during recovery. It’s flattering, functional and chic enough to wear outside the home if needed. 

 The Recovery Robe comes with a built in bra, plus it has two interior pockets on each side of the robe to hold JP Drains and a cinched waist that helps women hide the medical equipment needed to heal after surgery.

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"I wanted to focus on the wellness of the patient."

Allison Schickel is a wife, mother of three, CEO, mentor and speaker. She was inspired to create the Recovery Brobe when a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. Realizing the lack of functional and feminine products available for women, she decided to create something that gave women dignity and beauty (what most would say is) the hardest time of their life.

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What Doctors Are Saying...

"At the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery we perform over a thousand breast surgeries a year. Most of our patients travel from around the country and love that we have included the Brobe in our carefully curated set of patient selections. All who try it love the comfort, innovative design, and built in recovery features."

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Frank DellaCroce, M.D., FACS

Center for Restorative Breast Surgery

"We have incorporated the Brobe kit into all of our “mommy makeover” cases. We send the patient a link to the web site so they can pick the color and size they would like. It also gives them a chance to read about the accessories and how to use them all. They are well educated about the entire kit well before surgery day. In addition, the drain belt is given to all patients undergoing procedures with drains (breast, abdominal, thigh, etc…). It has been a very convenient option especially during shower time."

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Tarek Patel, MD

Cascade Eye & Skin and Cosmetic Surgery

"As a breast reconstructive surgeon I make sure to recommend the Brobe to all of my patients. What I love about it is the versatility. Patients can undergo any number of procedures related to their breast cancer. This one robe serves as a staple through the big surgeries and the small whether it be a DIEP flap, implants, revisions or even an aesthetic closure after mastectomy."

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Dhivya Srinivasa, MD

Ceders Sinai, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

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