The Elliott Superhero Robe

The Elliott Superhero Robe

Brobe International is honored to launch our Elliott Superhero Robe for children battling cancer, disease and recovering from surgery.

Our Superhero Robe is a children's version of our Recovery Robe that has interior pockets to hold medical equipment like monitors, cords and post op drains. It also has sleeves that snap open all the way to the shoulder to allow children to leave on their robe during an exam.

Each Superhero Robe will come with two capes, a superhero eye mask and two matching hats.


Want to give back to a child in need?

If you'd like to buy a robe for a child who needs one, you can do so by clicking here. We teamed up with Austin, TX based fundraising company, HelloFund to offer our community a way to give back.


The Hero Behind the Superhero Robe: Meet Elliott

Elliott is a three year old girl who was diagnosed with a Stage 4 Wilms tumor at just three years old. Learn more about her story here.