Comfortable Bras

Surgery Recovery Accessories

Bras have built-in pockets allow for hot and cold therapy packs, so you can experience maximum pain relief. Front Velcro closures are easy to fasten, and the garment’s soft fabric and construction offer support without irritation. 

JP drain belts can be worn throughout the day under clothing to support post-operative drains, as well as in the shower. Water, soap, grime and air easily pass through our belt material for quick drying and it is also completely machine washable!

Everyday Joggers are deliciously cozy, slim fit, jogger style sweatpants offer a flattering fit for any body type. We designed them with pockets and ruched bottoms from the same enduring and luxurious material as all of our Recovery Brobe.

Comfort Pillows are for women who have undergone a surgery related to breast cancer, lymphedema, or breast reconstruction. These handmade mastectomy pillows are designed to act as a barrier between your arm and your incision after surgery and for breast support.