Advisory Board


Holly Deleon - Austin, Texas | Vice President - Sales & Services at LearnPad, Inc 

Holly received her Masters in Speech/Language Pathology and Special Education from University of North Texas. She has held senior management roles for 20+ years as a founding member of LeapFrog SchoolHouse, Livescribe, McGraw Hill Education, and LearnPad.




Patti Rogers - Austin, TX | ‪Founder & CEO, Rallyhood

Patti Rogers endured the unexpected challenge and blessing of breast cancer in 2008. Patti states that cancer did not change her life for the better, but the kindness of her community did. So, as her health restored and perspective rolled in, her new purpose formed: To create an easy way for groups (friends, family, and community members) to come together and do something good; To create an easy way to get involved, divvy-up tasks, stay informed, and share the love. The idea of Rallyhood was born.



Ashley Hatcher - Atlanta, GA | Past President of Archer Innovations

Specialty in sales, marketing, brand management and product development.

Ashley designed, invented, and patented a revolutionary non-slip dinner tray, Lappers, and promoted Lappers through various trade channels, developed a marketing plan, and implemented sales strategies. Lappers became available in over 500 stores and 3 catalogs. Marketing efforts included placement in Forbes Life, Georgia Trend, Rachael Ray's "FAVES", Redbook, Family Circle, The Washington Post, and Cool Hunting. The Lappers were also featured on Good Morning America and The TODAY Show. 


Barbara Rodgers - Austin, TX | Executive Director at Austin Advertising Federation

Barbara Rodgers specializes in Business Operations for small-to-medium sized businesses. She brings over 25 years of experience in administrative and operations leadership, staffing and facilities development, project management, policy and procedures development, systems analysis and troubleshooting, financial analysis, and contract negotiations. Barbara utilizes expertise earned in working with top blue chip, Fortune 500 clients, such as Wal-Mart, MasterCard, Coors Brewing, and AT&T, all of which were in growth modes during their mutual tenure.  


Teri Hill - Austin, TX | President at T.H.Enterprise

25 years experience coaching, training, and consulting inside and outside corporate America. Former executive leading HR, Operations, and Sales. Passion includes coaching emerging executives, training, and inspirational speaking. BA in Psych; M.Ed. in Org .Development, HR and Leadership. Teri uses a variety of assessment tools as indicated for hiring, and developing. Teri is a consummate agent of powerful change in individuals and organizations.  

Jenny Krengel

Jenny Krengel - Austin, TX

Jenny Krengel has been a sales professional since 1992. From individual contributor to senior management to CEO, she has sold software, hardware, and services to the largest company in the world, down to SMB. Most of her sales career, she has worked for early stage or start-up companies in manufacturing and technology, and sold into F500 enterprises spanning vertical markets. Ms. Krengel has been a significant contributor to rapid revenue growth for her employers, with one executing a successful IPO.

Jenny is Founder and Leader at the RefineryCo. and has earned her designation of Certified Professional Coach, specializing in helping businesses grow B2B sales. Her newest project is designing and launching a sales training platform exclusively for women called, Sales Knowledge for Women.




Kay Oder - Austin, TX | Business Performance Advisor

Kay Oder has owned six companies, has been a resource to thousands of businesses, and has brought solutions to help business owners minimize risk, improve business performance, and navigate today’s highly regulated and complex “business of being an employer."

Today, Kay uses the insights gained over her 35 year career as a speaker, business owner, and business advisor. Audiences enjoy her candid, informed perspective on HR related topics as well as her razor-sharp southern wit.


Danielle Pruitt - Austin, Texas | CEO Chalk- Ink and Yoga City

Danielle Pruitt is an Austin-based entrepreneur whose influence has impacted major world players, such as Whole Foods, REI, and Starbucks. Danielle’s background in the retail merchandising industry and groundbreaking chalk-based distribution are the perfect combination of creative vision, traditionalism, and intellect. Skilled in retail merchandising & design and an avid world traveler, Pruitt is a visionary business woman who implements universal communication through fixtures, words, and traditional mediums.