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Many, many thanks to the people at The Brobe! I found out about this shop by a YouTube subscriber who posted a video regarding her breast cancer journey. She listed a number of items that made her recovery much more manageable.I had 2 days before my bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction, and The Brobe managed to send me everything I needed just in time!! Not only that, I spoke to them on the phone and she answered all my questions and even helped me to be able to afford the items I needed. That is well above and beyond customer service, and just plain kind hearted! I cannot tell you how impressed I was and how very much her help was appreciated! Thank you so much Brobe! I will recommend you to everyone whom has to have any type of mastectomy!

-K. Swader

Allison, Thank you so much. The robe and bra arrived today. It looks like a very functional design. You did a beautiful job in styling. The bra seems to fit me now, with "boobs," so I assume it will after surgery. I can't begin to express my gratitude that you, unknown to me, cared enough to aid me in this journey. I will strive to help others as you and others have shown me! 


Best item I purchased for my recent double mastectomy! Had four drains and they all fit in the pockets perfect! Thank you for making such a great product!


My mother received so many compliments on her beautiful Brobe from nurses and doctors alike. Every drain-wearer NEEDS this to make those days after surgery more pleasant, bearable, and overall lovely. And just think of all the things she can carry in those pockets after her drains are removed! Fabulous product.

-Mary H.

Dear Allison, Thank you, thank you, thank you! Just got the Recovery Brobe and my daughter loves it. It's a little roomy, but it works out beautifully! Thanks for your concern and prompt attention.There are a lot of special people out there and you are one of them.Surgery is Friday, so your speedy response was really appreciated. Thanks again!


I've known I've had the BRCA 1 mutation since 2009. My family has been very supportive with my decision to undergo prophylactic double mastectomy with reconstruction (DIEP). When I scheduled my surgery, my cousin, who is a nurse and lives in Austin, TX, called and asked my dress size and nothing else. A few days later and a week before surgery, I received a package.

After opening, I just cried. This beautiful poppy red robe with a bra attached and secret little pockets for drains hidden inside! This was such a thoughtful gift. I felt like it was made just for ME! I'd never heard of the Recovery Brobe, but I knew right away how awesome it was, especially after shopping in department stores for something to wear in the hospital - with no luck.

There was also a shower belt... It looked a little funny and I really wasn't sure about using it. Well, this thing was a life saver! It's nice having someone help you in the shower, but being able to shower independently, ALONE - now that's an accomplishment. This shower belt made that possible. I truly can't imagine going through this procedure (and the next) without them.

-Candice Mallory

You are awesome. The Brobe is the only thing Kristin has been able to find a moment of comfort following her surgery. Nothing, including the bandages, which are already off... No wrap, nor blouse, nor post-surgery bra, but The Brobe brought her a little rest.

Beautifully conceived and cared for via the tremendous and consistent back breaking labor of love you and Matt have devoted to a compassionate and beautifully designed garment that feels like love hugging a loved one. And if that is a little over the top, it is only because we rarely experience a thing encompassing these emotions and providing such comfort. Thank you, you bright and beautiful spirit.

-Wes, OR

Hello, my name is Steph. Me and my sister had ordered your Recovery Brobe for my mother, who is currently battling Stage 3 breast cancer. (I believe you even spoke with my sister over the phone.) My mother is currently in the hospital undergoing her now 10th surgery and she has been having a very difficult time.

When we saw your product, we instantly thought, 'This is perfect,' and ordered the same day. We greatly appreciate how quickly you sent it to us. Tonight, after she underwent another surgery and checking with her RN, they said it was perfect and that she could wear it instead of the hospital gowns she has been in for the last week and a half.Once she opened it, she instantly started crying.

She said it was beautiful and felt amazing. Then when we showed her everything it had for her, she started crying again. It fit perfectly... We just wanted to sent a message thanking you for everything. In this difficult journey it was amazing to see her smile and to see her cry from pure joy instead of fear and pain. There are truly no words for how grateful we are.

-Steph, AZ

I have a good friend who just turned 40 and went for a mammogram and found out she has breast cancer and is getting a double mastectomy in 2 weeks. I am a nurse (and so is my friend) and I thought it was awesome how you had thought of the pockets for the drain and ice packs, etc.  The drains can be so difficult to maneuver with and, after reading how the drains stay in for weeks at a time after a mastectomy, I knew the Brobe would be the perfect pre-surgery gift for my girlfriend. Thank you for the creation!


My 4 daughters chipped in to buy me a Brobe after my daughter, Kate, discovered it existed. As soon as I opened the package, I was impressed by the feel of the fabric. Who wouldn't want to be wrapped up in that soft, jersey fabric all the time??!! It feels like silk against my skin.Once I had my mastectomy, I really started to treasure my Brobe and realize how much care had gone into its creation and design.

As far as the inner bra goes, it is ingenious to have slots for ice packs, something I needed on an ongoing basis because of swelling. I also appreciated the secure and comforting feeling that having the inner bra gave me. I just wasn't ready for loose fabric to rub against my skin and bandage. The front-opening design with velcro closure was easy for me to get on and off. I really can't believe that you even thought of a pocket for the drain bulb!

During the times that my Brobe needed laundering, I hated how I had to clip the drain onto other clothing or it would dangle out the bottom of my clothes.Thank you, thank you for such a fabulous piece of clothing that made me feel wrapped up in comfort, care, and love at a very difficult time in my life!!

-Yvonne, British Columbia, Canada

I can not tell you how much I liked my Brobe. My husband purchased it for me at the gift shop in the Huntsville Hospital [in] Huntsville, Texas. I wore it home and to my doctor's office for my first visits. My doctor was also very impressed with it. He had no idea the gift shop had such a thing. He is now recommending it to his patients.I can not tell you how much I liked the brobe and how many compliments I got on it. The thought put into it was a blessing, considering what we are going through as we come out of these surgeries. Thanks.

-Pat, Huntsville, TX 

The super customer service went above and beyond to get my recovery garment to me on time for my mom's hospital's discharge. My mom LOVES it! She said she is never taking it off. So thanks so much!

-EH, Florida  

The Brobe was the one bright thing that helped me through my bi-lateral mastectomy. Having the Brobe to wear home from the hospital with the pockets for the drain tubes and the fact that it was pretty made me feel good about myself.  For the next 7 days, I lived in the Brobe, including sleeping in it.  It was so comfortable and a life saver not having to worry about the drain tubes. It washed beautifully. I also wore it for my follow-up appointment to remove my drain tubes.  My surgeon and his staff were totally impressed with the Brobe.

-JS, Huntsville, TX

Hi, Allison. I wanted to take a minute & tell you that Willa LOVES the Brobe!  She told me she wears it everywhere, even when they go to town! LOL!  She said that by far it’s the most comfortable thing to wear during her recuperation and that the pockets for her drain bags are priceless. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

-Taresa Hale

Three weeks ago, I had a mastectomy and it was my daughter that gave me The Brobe when I returned home from the hospital. I was in pain, both emotionally and physically, and the bra and device given to me at the hospital for support and to hold my drain were uncomfortable and unattractive.

The Brobe provided the support I needed, pockets for the drain, and was so comfortable and pretty. I’m still wearing it today and will continue to wear it. Allison has created not only a much needed product, but something that truly makes a difference is woman’s lives, bringing them comfort in a time of fear, uncertainty and pain.

-Priscilla Fisher, Houston, TX

After having undergone two reconstructive breast surgeries several years ago, I can safely say having The Brobe would have made an already horrible recovery much more bearable. The thought put into the design (pockets for post-op drains, soft fabric, etc.) shows that Mrs. Schickel has truly thought of everything. Even though I no longer need the 'recovery' features of The Brobe, I wear it every day for comfort, ease, and style.  Because let's face it, we all need a little 'pretty' in our lives, regardless of the function. Thankfully, The Brobe offers both.

-D. Jones 

When your best friend has a radical mastectomy, it is devastating. I didn't really know how to be there completely for her.  One thing I could do though was provide comfort during a tough time by sharing the Brobe. My dear friend was able to wrap herself in the soft goodness of the Brobe and feel comfort in a time of fear and sadness. Thank you, Allison, for creating a wonderful piece of comfort and goodness to share with friends in times of needs.

-Terri Hill 

I love the extra support of the Brobe. It gives me such relief to know that when I arrive home from the hospital after my upcoming breast surgery, I will have something to put on immediately to help me through the recovery process. It will be worn a lot before surgery too. The Brobe makes a very thoughtful gift for someone going through treatment. It's an honor to support a company that  designs products for women with breast cancer.

-Lila Johnson-Tenenbown

Allison has created a thoughtful, gentle product that eases women through the recovery process of surgery from a diagnosis of breast cancer.  We are fortunate to have her as an advocate and partner in the LOCAL fight against breast cancer.

-Christy Casey-Moore, Executive Director, Austin Affiliate of notable breast cancer NPO

Best item I purchased for my recent double mastectomy! Had four drains and they all fit in the pockets perfect! Thank you for making such a great product!

-Megan R.

I could not have survived my mastectomy without this. This was one of the best, most useful gifts I received from friends. I agree that this is a must-have!

-Jenny G.

Wonderful! When I had my bilateral mastectomies in 2008, my husband gave me an old tie of his to tie around my waist, because the hospital didn't send me home with anything, or even discuss it. When it came time to take a shower, I was like a deer in the headlights. I didn't know what to do. He ran to his closet, grabbed a tie, and said, 'I'm more of a jeans and t-shirt guy anyway.'  ;) I sure would have loved to have one of these!

-Leah S. 

I came home from the hospital with four drains and this belt held all four.....a must have item!!!!

-Megan R.

As I was diagnosed with breast cancer last September, just before my 46th birthday, I did what I always did when I need to prepare my head for the upcoming days. I studied the book I was given by my care providers and I googled information about mastectomies. I am one who reads to educate myself, but knows to get answers from my physicians and not from everything I google. I discovered many youtube videos of women who have had mastectomies, knowing each of their stories were different.

One night I stumbled across a video and a woman showed her “Must Have” for her surgeries. As soon as I learned about the Brobe, I knew I had to have it. I ordered one within the next couple of days. I used it for the multiple surgeries I had to have. What a lifesaver it has been!

The ease of use with the velcro and simple buttons and tie strings helped me feel better that I didn’t have to continually ask others for help dressing and undressing. The pockets for my drains were a life saver! I wore this everywhere. I even wore it to the doctor’s office and received multiple compliments. I have kept it for 1 more surgery, then I plan to pass this along to the next person in need of the Brobe!

- Jennifer, Midlothian, VA

I absolutely loved my BROBE during my recent double mascectomy! I wore it even more after my initial reconstruction surgery! The material was so very comfortable and the pockets for the drains were at the right place so the drains didn't pull at my skin. I am so thankful I found that robe before this journey began. I literally wore it for days on end!

-Sandi W.

I want to thank you for this amazing gift and your kindness. You will never know how much you have touched my family and self.

-Heather B.

My cousin did receive the shower belt.  She thanked me many times for it.  She had never heard of such a thing and had been using a scarf to support the bags!  Her sister had a double mastectomy 10 yrs. ago and said she would have loved to have had one of those.  Thank you for making the products that you do, bringing comfort to women when they need it most.  I am sure that when her doctor sees it tomorrow, LuLu will be promoting the Brobe.

-Patti D.

I received my Brobe before I had the surgery and I am so impressed and can't wait to use it. This is the ultimate in recovery products that you can find. It is dressy, comfortable and very handy for the train tubes and bottles. I highly recommend.

-Debby Jo

Happiness is having a package arrive at your doorstep from Allison Schickel with a note that says, 'You’re beautiful inside and out!' <3

Thank you for the beautiful Brobe, mastectomy bra and necklace! Your kindness and generosity is overwhelming.

My heart swells as faith in humanity is restored! My gratitude is never-ending!

-Shay S.

I'm still in recovery, but wanted to thank you again for the generous gift. I had some surgery complications, so I've been wearing a hospital gown for some time now -- very soon, I'll go home and be wearing The Brobe!

It fits and I have two drains, so I'm sure it will be great! I've tried the Shower Belt, which is also great! / huge help! And the jewelry bonus from Kendra Scott was a beautiful surprise too! Thank you again!

-Claire, Diagnosed with breast cancer 

Great Fit - My mom has breast cancer and is going to have to have surgery in about 5 months. She will be having chemo treatments but in the meantime, normal bras have been very uncomfortable and painful with the underwire pushing on the tumor. She tried the bra on last night and was so happy to have found something she could wear without being in pain. We were going to try to go shopping for other bras this weekend but will be purchasing more from Brobe now instead. The Brobe is also very nice and she loves how soft the material is and it seems very functional, though we have not used all of it's features yet. She did note that the sleeves were a little tighter than she is used to but she was wearing a shirt underneath and didn't seem too concerned about it. Thank you for making this product. Your company seems to really understand what people dealing with cancer need.




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