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5 Post-Op Recovery Items Every Patient Needs

5 Post-Op Recovery Items Every Patient Needs

Recovering from an operation isn't something that people get particularly excited about. With that said, we believe in making the most of any situation we find ourselves in. While we can't promise every recovery will be a total walk in the park, we do know that a few simple preparations can help make the process a lot more seamless and comfortable!

Whether you're looking for items for yourself, or post-surgery gift ideas for a loved one, keep reading for some of our must-haves for a comfortable recovery: 

Neck and/or body pillow

Getting comfortable after a major surgery can be a new and unexpected challenge. And during a time when sleep is so important! It's likely that you'll have areas you won't be able to lay for a short time. Grab a comfortable pillow solution to help make the few sleeping positions you're able to take advantage of as comfortable as possible. Your body, and your sleep cycle, will thank you. 

Clothing that's comfortable AND functional 

Comfortable, functional clothing that you feel great in crucial for feeling like yourself as much as possible during recovery. We love comfortable recovery robes with thoughtful features like 3/4 length sleeves for easy arm and vein access (perfect for follow-up appointments), JP drain pockets, and soft, luxurious fabrics you look and feel great in. 

Something to laugh at  

They say that laughter is the best medicine, and for good reason! Because you'll likely have a little down time at home while you recover, stock up on book and movie options, and schedule a regular stream of friends and family to come visit to lift your spirits. 

Having things to laugh at, and people to laugh with, will make a world of difference in your mood during recovery. 

Healthy nourishment  

The last thing you're going to want to do after surgery is cook for yourself. And depending on the type of procedure you've had it might not even be a possibility for you!

Fueling your body properly while you recover helps with energy levels and gives your body the nutrients it needs to heal properly. Make sure to stock up quick healthy options for meals and snacks, or arrange for a meal delivery service (or your best friend!) to bring you healthy, nutritious meal options until you're back on your feet. 

Bath and body products 

After most surgeries there's a period of time when a patient is unable to take a full shower. This could be due to open incisions, drain openings, limitations in mobility, or one of another number of reasons. This makes it a great idea to stock up on products that can help you feel fresh and clean between showers. Items like dry shampoo, face and body wipes, spray deodorant and body powders are all great options.


Recovering from surgery might not be a fun experience, but it can be more comfortable with a little extra preparation and thought. Do you have a operation recovery must-have that you think we should mention? Tell us in the comments! 

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