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Top 10 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Mommy Makeover

Top 10 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Mommy Makeover

It is not a surprise that pregnancy can cause specific physical changes in your body. Some of these changes often require surgical assistance that helps you find your way back to your pre-pregnancy body.

Mommy makeover is a popular surgery that allows women to improve these physical changes successfully. This procedure includes a few treatments such as tummy tucks, liposuction, breast augmentation, etc. Even though a mommy makeover is quite common today, make sure you take your time to decide whether or not you want to go for it.

If you are interested in a mommy makeover, you should be prepared for it first. It is a critical procedure and isn’t always the easiest way forward. Let us guide you through the top ten things you should know before getting a mommy makeover.

Check these and prepare yourself for the treatment accordingly.

Maintain A Healthy Diet Before The Treatment

If you are planning to get a mommy makeover, get to an ideal weight through a balanced diet first. Moving forward with the treatment can lead to unwanted complications and risks if you don’t have the desired body weight. On the other hand, you can see positive outcomes if you achieve a balanced weight before the procedure.

Expect Numbness For The First Few Months After The Treatment

The tummy tuck procedure can often cause numbness. This numbness can last for months and might even extend for more than a year. So, be prepared for this and expect the numbness to cause discomfort for some time. However, permanent numbness is not common, and if the swelling doesn’t seem to go away, visit your doctor.

Be 100% Sure You Don’t Want More Children

You should opt for a mommy makeover only if you don’t want to have any more children. Although it is not impossible to get pregnant after a mommy makeover, you might have to face some more complications. This treatment can make your stomach flat and the skin tight; another pregnancy can stretch the skin, and you will lose the results you previously obtained.

It Could Take A Week Or Two To Recover

Recovery time after a mommy makeover is usually two weeks. You might feel some pain for the first 7 to 10 days, but that’s common for a mommy makeover. After two weeks, you will be ready to get back to your everyday routine. However, you must be patient after the treatment and give yourself enough time to recover.

You Will Have To Wear A Compression Garment

A compression garment is worn in your abdominal area to protect it and help with effective recovery. Wearing one of these might make you feel uncomfortable, but you will have to wear it anyway. It will prevent swelling in your abdomen, and if you remove it soon after the surgery, the area will swell again.

You Can Add More Procedures If You Want

Yes, a mommy makeover is about improving your abdomen and breasts, but it’s not limited to these. Before the treatment, you can add more procedures to improve other aspects of your body. You can talk to your doctor about your requirements, and they will guide you in the right direction.

The Surgery’s Duration Might Vary

The time for your mommy makeover surgery might vary from someone else’s, and that’s okay. The duration differs based on the number of procedures you are going for. Generally, the treatment will not last more than five or five and a half hours. But there is no fixed time for the surgery’s completion.

You Might Not Need Drains

Drains used to be a common disadvantage of getting tummy tucks for a long time. But whether or not you need drains today solely depends on your surgeon. There are different techniques used by some surgeons nowadays that don’t involve drains. Since emptying drains can be a very uncomfortable experience, patients are also happy with the surgeon’s preference.

You Might Need Laxatives After The Treatment

Constipation is a common problem post-procedure since you will be given anesthesia during the surgery. Therefore, the right thing to do is to buy laxatives in advance. You can buy any laxative you want as there are no specifications. But it is ideal if you choose the one you have used before and are aware of its effectiveness and side effects if there are any. You could even use a laxative before the treatment to test if it’s suitable for your body.

Choose The Right Time For A Mommy Makeover

Before deciding to go for a mommy makeover, be sure that it’s the right time for it. If you think you should get the surgery done now, see if your husband or someone in the family is there to help you. It is not recommended for a woman to get a mommy makeover when there’s no one to help her or take care of the baby.


If you or a loved one wants a mommy makeover, make sure they consider all the important things first. Here we have ten of the most crucial things you should know before this procedure. As far as shopping for a compression garment and other necessary accessories is concerned, visit The Brobe. Here you can find everything you need for your surgery recovery journey and more.

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