What to Pack for Mastectomy Surgery

The Recovery Brobe

This Bra & Robe combination are soft, durable, and has built-in pockets for post-surgical drains. The bra features has an easy velcro front closure and pockets for ice packs. The robe can easily be detached from the bra for everyday wear.

Soft Blanket

Those starched sheets don’t always cut it when you’re already uncomfortable, a blanket will help keep you cozy in that often chilly hospital room.

Slippers or Snuggly Socks

Keep those toes warm, plus add a little joy to your day with fun colored or super fuzzy socks or slippers. If you go with slippers, it may be wise to choose a slipper with a rubber bottom so you can even wear them around your hospital room.

Small Pillow

A small pillow is perfect for body support when needed without the fuss of a full size pillow.


Between hospital food and dry mouth, when visitors arrive, these will be nice to have bedside.

All Natural Lip Balm or Moisturizer

Stick with a natural, unscented product as the senses and skin maybe sensitive post-surgery. Ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and aloe are natural and healing.

Battery Powered Toothbrush

Even small motions and movements may be painful or difficult initially, this is a simple item that can get the job done without much movement.

Natural wipes

Wipes are a great option for when you need a quick freshen up without having to shower, or to freshen up your face without having to get up.

Dry Shampoo

You may not be able to shower for a couple of days after surgery. A dry shampoo “wash” is a great option to help you feel refreshed and new again.

Shower Belt

Once able to shower post-surgery, most women have drains that must accompany them everywhere (yes, even the shower), the Brobe shower belt allows them to take a shower freely without the assistance of someone to hold their drains.

Entertainment, Book, Magazines, Word Search or Brain Games

Load the iPad with music and books. It’s always nice to have some easy to read magazines that you enjoy. Sodoku, crosswords, word search are good options too.

Coloring books and coloring supplies. Studies have shown that coloring provides a positive therapeutic effects. The simple, peaceful activity allows a person to zone out and keeps their mind from negative thoughts.


If writing is your way of expressing, this is great for processing your feelings and what you’ve been through.

Water Bottle

Water is essential to recovery, having a large insulated water bottle is helpful in remembering to keep yourself hydrated without having to refill a small glass regularly.

Healthy Snacks

Though often taste buds are off and stomachs are not often craving the usual after a surgery, it’s always good to have a few healthy option in case you get a snack urge. Dried fruits, nuts, almond butter and crackers, fresh fruit, dark chocolate, and granola bars may come in handy.


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