What to wear when you're recovering from a mastectomy

When recovering from a mastectomy, it's likely that you'll be sore and have some limited mobility while getting dressed for awhile. Don't worry! This inconvenience won't last forever. In the meantime though, we've rounded up some of the best items to wear while you're recovering from a mastectomy.

Button down tops

Tops that button down the front and don't have to be pulled over the head allow you to avoid lifting your arms to get dressed. After a mastectomy, you'll have a limited range of motion and should avoid lifting your arms higher than chest level. These types of garments will certainly come in handy while you're trying to keep your arms low. 

Recovery Robe

Whether you're hangout out at home or making your way to follow-up appointments, you'll want to be comfortable. The Brobe's recovery robe has features made for mastectomy patients based on feedback and requests from women who have had the surgery. Details like 3/4 length sleeves allow easy IV access, while pockets inside the garment hold JP drains out of sight. 

Surgery recovery patient wearing Recovery Brobe

Anything you can step into 

Tanks with a built in bra shelf, flowy dresses, strapless pieces- these are all great options when you're dealing with limited mobility but need a break from the button down styles. Get creative as you find solutions to situation, you might just discover some new styles to love. 

Front closure bras 

While your chest is recovering, you'll need to keep a certain level of compression on the incisions at all times. This is why a front closure (i.e. easy to put on without lifting arms!) bra is a must. This one provides plenty of support and even has pockets for ice packs to help with muscle soreness post-op. 

Women wearing black Recovery Brobe

Wrap dresses 

Just because you're recovering from surgery doesn't mean you won't want to get out of the house every now and then- with your doctor's permission, of course! Wrap dresses are a great, easy-wear option when lifting your arms is out of the question but you still want to look a little dressed up.

Surgical drain belts

Any outfit can be made into a post-op friendly piece with the right tools. Try utilizing a surgical drain belt to keep JP drains under wraps while you rock your favorite usual pieces. 

Anything you feel comfortable in! 

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to follow your doctor's orders, and to make sure you feel like your best self! Whether that means being comfortable in a functional robe, feeling fabulous in a wrap dress, or a little bit of both, we're confident you'll find the right pieces to get you through your recovery period. 

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